Wednesday, 28 September 2011


The Chairman opened the meeting by firstly welcoming everyone and giving news of the announcement of Pauline’s resignation as National Chairman.
The membership was shocked and upset to hear this, as we all know that Pauline has always been a great supporter of the Guild – nationally, regionally and at branch level, and it was agreed that we should send a letter to Pauline expressing our distress and wishing her well.

The annual reports, including finances, were given and it was noted that we had made an overall loss, which meant that we had to increase fees for the coming year.
All committee nominations were verified but it was noted that we still needed a volunteer to run the Library – if you are interested please contact Sue T. or Anne.

After the business meeting we had a talk  from Christine Driver from Empress Mills on the history of this family business which had been started in1927 by her grandfather and is now run by Christine and her two sons.
It looked as though they had brought a full shop of ‘goodies’ for us to browse but before we were let loose Christine talked us through the development of the yarns they used to produce for the selvedge for cotton cloth – different colours for different manufacturers. 
When most of the weaving industry shut down in the UK they turned to the top end of the market and the embroiderers, quilters etc. – yarns had to change to a finer sewing thread and a whole new industry of different weights and finishes of cotton, poly-cotton, polyester (made from recycled plastic bottles), rayon, silk and textured cottons was born.

Christine in passionate about her company and her threads and gave many of us much more understanding, whilst passing around samples of threads and fabrics,  of what had to be done to create some of the fascinating items we take for granted these days.  The company are based in Colne (not too far from us for a visit) but that day we only had to get up and open our purses!
I particularly liked the Kilo bundles of Egyptian cotton which includes offcuts of many sizes – wonderful for dyeing – you might have expected me to say that!!

Tuesday, 27 September 2011


THE OPAL – a variety of pale colours but mainly pink.

Monday, 26 September 2011


It was a damp afternoon but about 100 people turned up to see Kathleen’s work and have afternoon tea at the village cricket club.
Kathleen was thrilled that so many people had turned out to see her work which spanned about 50 of her 61 years as a member of the Guild. She hardly had any time to have a cup of tea – there were so many people wanting to know how she had made her pieces.
The grand sum of £500+ was raised for Marie Curie care.
I hope that I can put together an article soon which will include photographs of some of her work.

My selection of threads and fabrics from the ‘Dyeing’ workshop has amazingly been made up into a finished cushion. I must be slipping – finding time to actually make something!!!
Dip-dyed threads and pattern dyeing.
These were used to create the very ‘jazzy’ cushion which goes with none of my furniture but was fun to make!


We now have 9 cards so if anyone has not quite finished can you please bring them to our October meeting for stitching together.

Saturday, 24 September 2011


Sue Chisnall and I will be running this month’s Hands-on session based on Horrocks’ Dresses for the display at Regional Day in Preston next April.

You will be provided with a card dress shape and  some fabrics  to create a ‘printed dress’ of your own design, following the style of these 1950’s dresses. The basic designs of the dresses were striped and floral -
Ideally we would like between 24 and 30 to display at Regional Day.

Sue and I will bring supplies of card for the dress template, Transfer Painted papers, a limited supply of Acrylic paints, some print blocks and rubbing blocks and some plain cotton and poly-cotton mixes (for the Transfer Paints)

However if you have any of the following items please bring them with you -

· Plain fabrics– no more than a 20” square of any to include – pale colour cottons or synthetic mix fabrics (not the shiny type) or small flower print fabrics.
· Small Buttons and narrow ribbon (optional).
· Print blocks (if you have them) – flowers, leaves, open linear, or squiggly line abstract.
. Wet wipes for cleaning your print blocks.
· Acrylic paints, brushes (1” household) sponge, rubber print rollers (if you have them).
· Small Foil or plastic food tray about 1” deep and piece of felt to fit inside.

We will have a display board of some dress designs and the Horrocks book for you to look through for ideas.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011


‘Retrospective Threads’

An exhibition of previous works brought together under this title, will be held at the Brabins Shop and Gallery – 22 Talbot Street, Chipping, Preston PR3 2QE

1st to 30th October
Open daily 9a.m to 5p.m
Closed weekdays from 1p.m to 2p.m

Preview – Sunday 2nd October 2-4p.m
everyone welcome.

Chipping is a pretty village near Longridge, and is popular with walkers; it has a church with beautiful stained glass windows and there is  a choice of Pubs and a Cafe.
Tea/coffee and cake is available at the gallery.
You can get more information from the Brabins website at


Monday, 5 September 2011


This annual event attracts a variety of interesting tutors for a weekend in July. 
Sue Chisnall, one of our members attended and her report is shown below -

“This is my second time of attending and I can truthfully say I am now hooked!!  I really fancied the workshop with Francis Pickering on Cherished Books ands luckily managed to get a place.

Francis’ books are enchanting, normally with the theme of nature and with applicable sayings and quotes.  She keeps a record of all the quotes, poems and snippets that she sees and hears and uses them when needed (a really good idea).

I really fell in love with the way she colours the pages and will definitely use this method again.
My book was on geology and I have yet to fill the pages although I have made a good start.  The beauty of this method is that you can work on the pages as and when the mood takes you.

The weather (as usual) was diabolical and long walks to keep the weight down, after eating non-stop, were out of the question.  However as we worked until 10p.m most nights, I never had time to be bored and just flopped into bed at night – what an experience and with the added bonus of seeing old faces (not literally) and making new friends.
I can’t wait for next year!!

Some photographs of work in progress – Sandie Meher’s ‘Dragonfly’ book.

SS-S meher1     image

Sue’s ‘Geology’ book -

image   image
I really wanted to attend this course but couldn’t go this year, so I went to have tea with everyone on the Saturday and was so bowled over by the wonderful papers everyone had produced for their books that I just had to have a go when I got home -

I just need to make a book now – I already have a poem in mind but need some spare time to get started!!