Saturday, 31 October 2009


The show runs from 19th to 22nd November and if any of you are going you might be interested in another exhibition which is running at the Pump Room Museum (just across the road)

The work is by a Yorkshire textile Artist, Serena Partridge and is based on historical fashion designs which she distorts and manipulates to produce curious garments and accessories. It sounds very interesting so if you can bear to leave the KSS and all those shopping opportunities, as well as the usual exhibition displays for a while, just take a short walk across the road to the Pump Rooms and if you hold onto your KSS ticket you will get in at a reduced entry of £2. Opening hours are 12-4p.m Thursday to Saturday and 2-4p.m on Sunday.

for those of you who intend staying for a few days and feel like a train ride to York, there is a wonderful exhibition of Japanese Sashiko Textiles at the York Art Gallery near the Minster.
Sashiko is a form of stitching that the Japanese used to make their workwear until the middle of the 20th century and I am told by a friend who has already visited, that the fading of the Indigo fabric is quite amazing - can't wait to see it.
For those who are not staying over though, there is no rush, as the exhibition runs until 24th January 2010.

Monday, 26 October 2009

November meeting

November 14th will be a follow up Hands-on session when Sue and Tracey will show a variety of Finishing and Presentation Techniques for the Local Heritage themed workshops previously held on Weaving, Boxes, Postcards and Stencilling.

Remember to bring any pieces you have made – unfinished or finished so that you can get on with some stitching and so that everyone can share their ideas.  Remember this work will be displayed at the Open Day next May.

To see pictures of  what we have done so far – look at our blog pages for 22nd and 30th March; 20th and 22nd April; 26th July and 16th August.
There will be more picture updates later.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

November meeting - Colour Raffle

An ugly looking beast this month - the New Zealand Eagle Rey, but the colours you will be looking for are blue/grey; mauve; brown and orange - good luck.

Young Embroiderers’ De Denne Competition

The competition title this year was "Light".

Now that we no longer have a YE group at Parbold, one of our original members Sarah Ruaux has become an individual member and entered this competition with "Star of Light".

This is what Sarah said, who is a bit off colour with some horrible bug that most of her year has had!

" I made a template for the design by drilling holes in perspex using Grandad's bench drill. Then I drilled the holes into the slate using my template. After a lot of drilling I started to embroider the slate with nice rainbow coloured threads. These were couched onto the slate. The star was made from layers of padded silver and gold fabric and decorated with glass beads. Then at the very end I finished off by writing, in beads, words from the Christmas carol (slightly adapted) : " star of wonder, star of light, star of beauty, burning bright." It took 68 hours to complete.

Grandad (John Clark) took the photograph.

Sarah Ruaux De Denne

John, Sue – his daughter, and Sarah all come to our meetings and it is so nice to see a family that is passing on the tradition of stitch through three generations.

October Meeting with Ruby Porter

Report from meeting 10th October 2009- Ruby Porter – ‘Embroidery in Bangladesh’

As usual Ruby gave a brilliant talk and slide show on her long term project, the rural community in Sreepur Village, Bangladesh. Despite some very harrowing slides of abused girls and the extreme poverty, Ruby managed as always to instil humour and joy into her presentation. She speaks from her heart, therefore managing to convey the warmth that she and her husband have for the project. It was very interesting to see how the refuge and workshops have developed over time, and she told us of her hopes and unfortunately also frustrations for the future.

The girls and children normally live on the premises, but it is the ultimate aim that eventually after learning new skills they can be integrated back into their own communities, and be able to support themselves.

The women and girls make their own paper, straw threads, and embroidered hangings, bags and waistcoats. They also dye threads and hand-weave them into beautiful fabrics for scarves, of which some are embroidered and beaded. Ruby also had some lovely handmade cards for sale. All the proceeds go directly to the Village.

The meeting really inspired our members, and many commentated on what a great talk it had been.

Report by Sue Chisnall – Joint Chairman.

Photographs by John Clark

Sreepur 4

Sreepur 5

Sreepur 3

Friday, 2 October 2009

A.G.M - 2009

Sue and Tracey report that around 30 members attended the meeting. Reports were given on the year's activities with 3 of the monthly meetings/workshops being given by our members Carol Fenlon, Karen Hurrell and Sue Tyldesley and many other interesting speakers and workshop tutors.
The four Local Heritage themed hands-on sessions organised by Sue and Tracey have been a great success and it is hoped that a lot of the work from these sessions will be on show at our proposed Open Day on May 8th 2010.
Our programme for the coming year includes Contemp
orary Felting; Silk Painting and Behind the Scenes at the Harris Museum - Preston.

The Branch were very pleased to be able to send another 32 Rainbow Squares towards the Regional displays ,and those produced last year were displayed at the AGM on a purpose made stand - much admired.
We would like to welcome 2 new members to the committee - Pat Bean and Donna Eaton.

After the business of the AGM Pauline Cogley gave a talk and demonstration of Canal Artwork and members were encouraged to 'have a go'.

Photographs taken by John Clark at the AGM - included some 'Postcards' from the Local Heritage Day. Don't know who they belong to so apologies for not adding names.


On Saturday 10th October Ruby Porter - will be talking about 20 years teaching embroidery in rural Bangladesh and after the talk she will be selling materials and items from Bangladesh in aid of the Sreepur Orphan's Village and Women's Refuge.

See picture below of the Mushroom Coral - mauve, red, orange and yellow.