Monday, 24 January 2011

February Colour Raffle

The Rose  - my favourite flower.



Sunday, 23 January 2011

Project Linus News

Prior to the Branch afternoon meeting, February 12th, the Village Hall has been booked for the first gathering of the Project Linus Group.

Commencing at 11.30 Lesley Mercer, Lancashire
Co-ordinator will attend with advice and supplies, AND to take with her any completed blankets or quilts – so please bring anything you have made or are still making so that we can all see how we are getting on.
We will also discuss how often to hold these meetings and how we feel they should be run and funded.

Please be prompt as we have to make sure we clear everything away by 1.30 for the setting up of the Branch afternoon Hands-on session.
If you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact me.

Sunday, 9 January 2011


Well, I thought I had a lot of my own sketchbooks, but Ann’s collection was truly amazing.
She could even go back to her school days (of course - not so very long ago!!) and fascinated us all with memories of her family and their technical drawing skills which had rubbed off and influenced her work from a very young age.

Ann talked us through a variety of sketchbooks with the aid of a Power Point presentation; some to do with various courses she had done and her most creative was her ‘Chinese Book’ for her City & Guilds in Creative Sketchbooks’ taken as a distance learner with Linda and Laura Kemshall.  This is shown below.


I have included photographs of some individual pages below just to give you all a flavour of some of her ideas – lots based on holiday photographs and drawings and some on project work she is doing with ‘One Step On’.

Based on the Tate Gallery in St. Ives.


Work in progress

A small finished piece from one of her design ideas.

Thank you Ann for a very entertaining and informative afternoon.

Our member who gave a vote of thanks commented that she had not before realised that a sketchbook could  be a visual diary and not a finished masterpiece – you can keep dipping into it for ideas for many years to come.

SO how about it – let’s see more of them – bring yours in to our meetings so we can see how you are getting on.  Who knows some of your pages might be shown on the Blog eventually.
One drawing a week is a good place to start – go out and buy that empty sketchbook now and get drawing, sticking – whatever you want and good luck!!!