Saturday, 21 January 2012

‘INDIAN EMBROIDERY’ talk by Renu Modha

On a bright, sunny but cold day Renu had brought a selection of very colourful pieces to explain her background in Fashion and Embroidery.  After her degree from Lancaster University and having been awarded a placement with Woolmark in Mumbai, she worked for them in the Indian fashion industry  manufacturing shawls in India.

Using her collection of original Indian pieces, she took us on her journey through various parts of the country,  starting in Gugerat with Banjara work which was based on regularly worked patterns and included Shisha mirror work, using recycled Sari fabrics.

Beadwork patterning was also used for very elaborate pieces.


Next; to Rajastan in the Punjab and Phulkari work, with floral designs worked in very close satin stitch.


In Kashmir the men worked most of the embroidery - Paisley designs worked on dark backgrounds which were left mostly unworked to show up the stitched design.


In Bengal the use of old Sari fabrics was again the base for Kantha stitch work – a form of darning or running stitch that pulls and distorts the fabrics into blocks or patterns.


I personally love the reverse side of these pieces showing the patched fabrics and amazing stitching.

In Utah Pradesh – the work is done on lightweight muslin or sheer fabrics using a herringbone stitch worked from the back to form an outline running stitch and shadow work effect on the front.


Mogul work – gold and silver – couched onto silk to form floral designs.


A fascinating journey through textiles by a very talented lady who obviously loves her textile heritage.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012


I am having some trouble entering the 3 month programme onto the Blog so I think the easiest thing for now is to include it here until I get is sorted.

January 14th – A talk by Renu Modha - “Indian Embroidery”.

February 11th – A talk by Liz Almond – “A Blackwork Journey”.

March 10th – Hands-on session with Sue Tyldesley – “INCHIES”. 
If you went to the Lytham and Blackpool branches joint exhibition last year, I’m sure you will have seen their wonderful display of these tiny pieces of work SO we thought we would have a go.

March 17th – Full Day Workshop (Amended Course) with Michaela Smith on “Scrappy Landscapes”.



Usually a very dark red, but there are other shades as well.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012


We hope to see you all at our JANUARY MEETING on Saturday the 14th when we have a talk on “Indian Embroidery” by Renu Modha.

Also a reminder to all committee members that there will be a committee meeting prior to the afternoon meeting.