Wednesday, 30 March 2011


Sue and Tracey will be instructing us in the second episode of Colour Explorations – this time ‘Touchy Feely’. 
You will need to bring the colour washed cards that we made at the February meeting -


PLUS a selection of some of the following – the choice is yours -
Gel pens and glitter pens; Felt tips; Coloured pencils and 3D paint.
Prit stick and paper scissors; notebook and pencil for your thoughts and feeling.
Can’t wait to see what we end up with at the third session in July!!!!


‘A Carpet of Bluebells’


ALSO – can those of you who attended the Lizzie Wall ‘Applique Panel’ workshop day, please bring your pieces with you – finished or not so that members can see what we achieved.  We hope to have another workshop with Lizzie next year.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

TRY BEFORE YOU BUY (or back to the Library!!)

How many times have you ordered or even bought a Textile book, got it home with great excitement, started to read  and then found to your disappointment that it was not what it seemed.

Sometimes you can be lucky and find that your Library has a copy or can even order a copy if it is available in your area.  I have done this several times and it can save you disappointment and money in some cases, or even encourage you to purchase your own copy if it is that good and you feel the need to have it on your own shelf!!

A book that has been recommended by a member who did just this, is the Compendium of Quilting Techniques by Susan Briscoe published by Search Press and we hope to have this in the Branch Library soon.


I have written before about my local library and just hope that not too many in West Lancashire, where I live, will be closed – I think I might join a ‘sit-in’ – or perhaps a ‘read-in’ might be better, if there is any chance of not being able to use this service!!!

Sunday, 20 March 2011


WOW – what an amazing day it was and how hard everyone worked for this excellent tutor. Thank you Lizzie for a super day.
We were all given a ‘pack’ which included background fabrics, pattern, wadding and other fabrics in colours of our choice.

We worked in layers – first cutting out the basic tree pattern and then applying cut shapes to give shadow and definition, finally ending with flower and leaf patterns to create our own very different ‘tree’.  There were 14 of us, all starting off with the basic tree shape and no two were alike – amazing.

To show the process I am using my own piece of work to follow through the stages; as we were all so busy, I didn’t have time to go around and photograph all the stages of everyone’s piece. 

P1010572   P1010580
First stage – basic tree shape working through the other stages  - 
until we reached the final stage before stitching.

A selection of work is shown below - named where possible -

P1010586  Sue Chisnall

P1010589  Sue Tyldesley

P1010587  Angela MacLarnonP1010590

P1010595     P1010596

Some pieces had started to be quilted by the end of the afternoon.
I will try to show some of the finished pieces when I can.

Sunday, 13 March 2011


On Saturday 12th March, Marie Bellamy, our speaker, admitted to being  a hoarder of all things which ‘might be useful’ and I think most of us can relate to that;  and a ‘dabbler’ in all things ‘crafty’.
We were not surprised therefore to see her vast collection of mixed media pieces which ranged from wood work, through paper, plastic in all its forms, paints and dyes of many kinds and some  fabrics.  There were books, pictures, panels, jewellery and much more to see and Marie described her journey from start to finish of  some of her pieces, though she did say that she couldn’t always cut up a ‘precious’ piece of painted paper that she had made for some of her projects. 
I definitely can relate to that one – with many a box full of bits and pieces!!!  Must really do something with them.

I am sure members enjoyed the meanderings of this talented lady but Marie did not want her work photographed, so no pics I’m afraid.

A very good attendance of about 30 members and we welcomed 4 new members who we hope to see regularly at our meetings in future.

Friday, 11 March 2011


For this workshop you have a choice of hand or machine stitching.

If machine stitching you will need your sewing machine which should have a drop feed and darning or free motion embroidery foot, extension lead, all attachments, spare needles etc., plus a selection of machine threads of your choice.

Hand sewing threads of your personal choice with thimble, needles etc. Fabric scissors.

Pencil and notebook and scissors for cutting paper.
All fabrics will be included in the charge for the day.

This course is now fully booked.  The majority chose to work the Tree applique – so look forward to seeing you there.
Hope to show a wide variety of finished tree panels at a later date.


Tuesday, 1 March 2011


On Saturday March 12th Marie will be coming to talk to us about her work.  She says -

Thanks to my Mother and Father, I have been involved in crafts since an early age - you name it and I've probably tried it (and taught many of them too!). My working life has taken many paths but my 'crafting career' began in the Probation Service as a craft tutor, then I completed a B.Ed (Hons) Degree in Craft, Design and Technology.
After teaching woodwork (yes really), metalwork and more for nearly 10 years I became a self-employed craft tutor eventually opening my own craft shop while still teaching at various venues and to various groups.

Paper, fabric, wood and metal - canvas, gesso, paint and powders - beads, thread, ribbon and lace - photos, transfers, techniques and 'what if's' - put them into a melt-pot (include this technique too!) and you will have some idea of the fun you can have with mixed-media.
Anything goes (as long as it's not dangerous!)

My work has been exhibited and sold in galleries and my latest venture is a jewellery line.

This should be an interesting afternoon with lots of ideas and plenty to see.


MONTHLY RAFFLE – ‘Spring is Here’
Lemon and Cream