Sunday, 25 January 2015


The 25 members who have taken part will finish their travels at our meeting on February 14th.

I have been informed by 3 members that they will not be able to continue due to family and work commitments but have all said how much they have enjoyed the project and getting to know one another.

SO if anyone else finds that they cannot continue, can you please let me know a.s.a.p. before the next meeting so that I can re-organise our groups.

ALSO – if there are other members who would like to join in please let me know so that I can bring in some books.

The committee thought it would be good to show what everyone has done so far – so we will put them all out on display at the February meeting.
Thanks for making this event so successful.

Some pages are shown below -




Monday, 12 January 2015


A lively committee meeting this month – lots to discuss including Programme; Sit & Stitch; Hands-On and Travelling Books  as well as information from HQ which had to be notified and discussed at our main meeting.  
A report on this part of the meeting and questions raised will be sent to all members as soon as I get them all together – please remember to send to me if you haven’t already done so.

Our Show and Tell by 3 members was then a nice bit of light relief – just listening to how each of them had initially stitched in their earlier years – one from the age of 9; and how they had approached their City and Guilds courses at two different centres with some wonderful results - some of which are shown below – in order of speaking -

Caroline Percy    and     Sue Chisnall-Sumner

P1040101                          P1040099

and Marguerita McBride.


It is such a pity that these courses hardly exist now, as many ladies have found that it gave them a focus for their future retirement - some going on to teach others, or joining/forming exhibiting groups and generally keeping the Guild membership thriving!

However in the North West, the Region have been running courses for the past couple of years but we don’t know for how much longer this will happen.