Sunday, 31 March 2013


A Hands-On session for the exhibition – don’t forget to bring any work you want help or advice with or just bring one of your exhibition pieces to stitch.
There will be a short talk and demonstration with lots of information on mounting, framing etc., if you need it.
If you will not be taking part in the exhibition you will still be welcome to see what we are all doing.

P1030022A piece of work under construction – come and see how it works out.


“Red Sky at Night…..”


Friday, 22 March 2013


Please note that due to the bad weather – snow, rain and whatever else is falling on us – we have had to cancel the Workshop with Elizabeth Sharrock for tomorrow.

Arrangements will be made to hold this on a future date and everyone will be notified.

Thursday, 14 March 2013


Dionne’s is well known for her development of the Devore technique and her talk was about this process  which is believed to have begun in 17th century France – where the ladies wanted something that looked like lace but was not as expensive (known as ‘Fools Lace’).

Dionne’s PowerPoint presentation was backed up with excellent samples in fantastic colourways which she passed around for us to handle and these were much admired by members.

Dionne works with silk/viscose velvet – a traditional combination cloth where the viscose (a cellular/plant fibre) is destroyed by the Devore paste, which is painted onto the back of the cloth and thoroughly dried, then ironed to bake and activate the paste, and the silk (an animal fibre) remains.

After washing and drying she can then dye or print using silk screens or block printing.

Due to the commercial aspect of Dionne’s work she did not want us to take photographs so if you want to see samples – go to her excellent website - where you can not only look at her development into the Interior Design aspect of her work but you can purchase the specialist paste she makes herself and download instruction on how to go about the technique.  Well worth a look.
Anyone attending the Fashion and Embroidery Show at the NEC next week -  where she will have a stand, can see (and buy) samples of her work, the Devore Paste and more.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013


This meeting was to be a follow-on from our ‘Marbling’ session last October, which has now been postponed to our July meeting.

This April meeting will still be a Hands-On session to help with planning for our June exhibition -

“Working for an Exhibition – Completion and Beyond”

A helping hand for those members who have not been involved with work for an exhibition before – do you need some advice/help with finishing, mounting, framing and hanging your work?
Whatever stage you have reached, or even if you haven’t really started yet, bring everything along to this meeting and those members who have some experience will be on hand to help and advise.

This is intended as a self-help session where we can all exchange ideas, look at each others work and discuss different methods of presentation as well as guidelines on pricing work for sale and for insurance purposes.

Some members will be bringing a selection of work, finished and framed in a variety of ways and showing different hanging styles to give you ideas for your own pieces. Good finishing standards are always important - especially if you wish to sell your work.

Everything will be kept simple and easy to follow – bring what you have done so far or even a photograph or magazine picture you want to use as a starting point and we will try to help - you will still have 8 weeks to complete your work and they do not have to be huge!
It would be great if every member could enter at least one piece!!!!!
Look forward to seeing what you have all done or are still doing.


Monday, 4 March 2013


We have several members who are part of three exhibiting groups within the Branch – Natural Progression; One Step On and Preston Threads. They will all be holding  exhibitions this year – the first of which is  shown below.

21st to 24th MARCH


“Evolving Threads”
An exciting exhibition of current work based on individual themes from members of Preston Threads. The work has evolved from recording and observing subjects over a period of time; the resulting work capturing these observations in interesting and innovative ways. The exhibits demonstrate a modern approach to a wide range of textile techniques including machine and hand stitch, dyeing, patchwork, knitting, mixed media and three dimensional work.

Our website gives more information about current members and images of their work

I am the only remaining member of this group now who belongs to our Branch, and the piece shown below is entitled “Twelve Weeks – Decay” – based on the life of a tulip bulb and what happens when it dries out after blooming so beautifully in the spring.
One of my pieces is this stitched paper collagraph I made based on the papery brown outer bulb skin.

I will be stewarding at the show on Thursday 21st so do come and have a chat.

Herringbone bulb 1


A traditional English Nursery Rhyme -

I'll sing you two, O
Green grow the rushes, O
What are your two, O?
Two, two, lily-white boys,
Clothed all in green, O
One is one and all alone
And evermore shall be so.