Wednesday, 26 May 2010


This months Colour raffle is based on Hard & Soft Coral, Sponges and Algae – lilac; gold/yellow and white.

june 10 hard & soft coral, sponges & algae- lilac, gold yellow & white

Our speakers this month are Diane & Jim Gaffney
talking about ‘Clothes for Festivities, Ceremonies and Special Occasions’.
Diane and Jim Gaffney run Textile Techniques and their shop, Textile Traders.  They have an excellent website with lots of information  at

They specialise in buying, selling, and exhibiting hand made textiles and learning and talking about the people who make them and the techniques they use to make them.

Quoting from their website -  “Glamour, glitter, gold, intricate weavings and stunning embroideries are all part of the textiles and costumes made and worn for weddings, festivals and temple ceremonies.
A wedding in Java, a temple ceremony in Bali, and a New Year celebration amongst the hill tribes of Northern Thailand.
The significance of the textiles, and the stories of their designs are as fascinating as the way they are made and the events they are made for. Come and enjoy!”

“Fair Trade has always been an important part of our business and we do our best to keep things fair by buying directly from the maker wherever possible. That way we know everyone is happy with the deal. It also helps to give money to those who continue to make high quality textiles in the teeth of considerable global economic pressures. 
We particularly specialise in silks, brocade and ikat weavings from Laos, Thailand and Indonesia, batik from Java, Malaysia and Thailand, kilims, carpets and flat weaves from Turkey and tribal costume and textiles from the hilltribes of the Golden Triangle. Going to see the people who supply us with textiles and tools is the best part of our job and we try to visit at least once a year”.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010


WOW what a day we had  - if you couldn't get there you really missed a treat.
Sue Chisnall and Tracey Ramsay our joint Chairmen, deserve special thanks for the enormous amounts of time and effort they put into the planning and background; the visits to Mills, Museums, Canals and Coal-mines to prepare samples and ideas for our Hands-on days that we had in the build up to this event.  It really was worth all that effort - thanks U2.  
The displays looked absolutely great with a table devoted to each of the four subjects of Local Industrial Heritage.

Wakes Week Postcards -
There was a huge variety of fabric postcards on show and for sale.


 Mining - The miners ‘buttie’ (or sandwich) boxes proved very popular as they each contained a little colourful gift – brooches, pendants etc.

Canals - A variety of stencil printed bags following Canal barge painting designs and the horses feed bag shape.

The Canal bargemen wore intricately stitched belts made by wives and girlfriends, based on check tea-towel material and these proved very popular.
Christina Mutch and Sue Tyldesley ran an ongoing hands-on workshop throughout the day and many of the visitors took part.
   I think these might become a popular fashion accessory in the branch!!


Weaving -
A variety of weaving equipment – clogs, shuttles and posters were on display as well as some hand woven pieces by members.

Continuous spinning and weaving demonstrations throughout the day were undertaken by several members of the Merseyside Weavers group and their contribution was much appreciated.

IN ADDITION we also had a display of members own work, which never ceases to amaze me – we never see some of this work being done but we always get a good display for an exhibition that does everyone proud – a few examples -




The 'Catering team' did sterling work and kept everyone fed and watered and we had great fun on the door, talking to all the visitors.  AND of course our two Trade stands selling a wide variety of paints, dyes, fabrics, beads etc………………..

The whole event seems to have been a great success with  over 145 visitors who appreciated absolutely everything and have written some really nice comments in our Visitors book.  Do read it at the next meeting.

We hope now that some of them follow up on this and return as visitors to our monthly meetings and eventually of course join us as new members in September.

WELL DONE TO EVERYONE – IT WAS A HUGE SUCCESS and worth all the hard work put in by members.



At the end of our Open Day last Saturday we found a pair of black leather gloves with a label inside which says -
100% Goat Nappa – size M-L.

If anyone has lost these please contact me at and I can bring them to our next meeting on the 12th June. 
If they belong to someone who is not a member they can be collected from our meeting, from me or they can be posted.  Just get in touch.