Saturday, 27 February 2010

March meeting – Saturday 13th

We are looking forward to a talk by Judy Fairless - the title  is The Journal Quilt Project, which she describes as follows -

The Contemporary Quilt Group is made up of members of the Quilters’ Guild of the British Isles who work in a non-traditional way. We undertook to make one A4 sized quilt per month  for a year in 2007. In 2008 the size was 12” square and in 2009 -  the size was a challenging 6” x 12”.  The 2010 size is 7"x10" portrait format.   Judy will show her own quilts and images of others.


Judy has been embroidering and quiltmaking since 1981 and has taught City & Guilds in both subjects for over 16 years. She regularly exhibits her work and has had articles published in books, magazines & online. 
You can see examples of Judy’s work  just by typing her name into the Google search page and choosing the ‘littlegems’ site  -

March Colour Raffle

Based on the colours of another underwater creature – The Nudibrach – colours lemon, orange, burgundy and white – though they are not clear from this picture.


Sunday, 21 February 2010


At our February meeting I was very pleased to receive 14 small pieces of work for the Photograph Album Cover but I need more.

I cannot be at the March meeting but you can take your contributions and Sue Chisnall will collect them and pass on to me.  Alternatively you can post directly to me if you prefer.  I would like to have the cover completed, or well on the way, for our April meeting so that it can be displayed at our Open Day in May.

Some of the pieces are shown below – courtesy of John Clark’s photographs -

Album samples 2

Blog pics

I will need all your names when I am starting on the construction so please let me know which is your piece.

The following are pieces worked from the Local Heritage workshops we have been running and will be on show at our Open Day in May.

Canal 'belt'

A selection of stitched belts, glass cases and purse based on the style of Canal Boatmen’s Belts.


One of the ‘Iron Men’  from  Crosby Beach.

Postcard 2

A nostalgic beach scene - Postcards - also for our Open Day.

 Silk paint 2

Silk paint

Some lovely samples from the Silk Painting workshop – love the penguins!!

Again I need all your names

MARCH 20th Workshop with Sheila Smith – FELTING

Only a few places remain so if you want to come please contact Karen Hurrell as soon as you can – first come first served.  Spare places will be offered to members of other Branches.

See you then.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Silk Painting

Hello again,
Just to let you know that the Silk painted flower was done by Mary Seaman and shows the use of salt applied to wet painted silk.
Hope to have more for you later.

Monday, 1 February 2010


Since my last report on 12th January, several things have got in the way with writing anything for the Blog – mainly nothing to report as we cancelled our January meeting due to bad weather and as I could not attend the Silk Painting workshop I had to rely on other members getting pictures and a report to me.

These were duly received but then they coincided with my 50th wedding anniversary and of course that had to take precedent so a late entry I’m afraid.  (YES I was a child bride!!!!!)

Report from Sue Chisnall our Chairman -
The day went well, with the roads now clear of snow and ice. Paula asked us to do a small painting to get the feel of how the paint flows on silk. She showed us how to mix the colours, dilute them for different effects and add rock salt to enhance. We were shown how to apply gutta, and after the break we completed either Paula's design of a church and fields or our own designs. All the members enjoyed the day, and felt we had achieved something.

Unfortunately I can only get one photo to print off and I don’t know who it belongs to – will let you know.


I then received a ‘fun’ photograph from John Clark , after my request for ‘Snow photographs’.   He likes to play around with ‘pics’  where you have to look carefully for little hidden bits and pieces – can you find the needle in this one?


Just to add to the collection – a ‘pic’ of our Anniversary cake  and the Church where we were married – sorry it has all been eaten!!   AND that’s all you get to see of me or you will know how old I really am!!