Sunday, 27 June 2010


I got to the hall about 3p.m to see what everyone had been doing and I arrived just in time for tea!!
They were all working very hard at making samples and experimenting with, what was for most of them, some new techniques. These included fabric distortion, manipulation using scrims and working on dissolves, as well as some simple stitch exercises to get them started..
The results are shown below – don’t know who did what but members present included Donna Eaton, Angela McLarnon, Mary Heaton, Pat Barends, Brenda Jackson, Kay Kellaway (sorry if I have missed anyone off).  All ably tutored by Sue Chisnall, Karen Hurrell and Tracey Ramsey.






Apologies for the poor photo quality but it was a very bright day with a lot of reflected light in the hall.

Thursday, 17 June 2010


We had a fascinating talk and a most enjoyable afternoon with Diane when she talked about costume for special occasions from Java, Bali and Northern Thailand.  There were weddings, Court , Temple and street ceremonies – all shown with our new digital projector, which is really proving it’s worth as most speakers now seem to bring a laptop or memory stick with all their photographs.

The printed batiks, amazing patterns and colour were a main feature of the talk, with some really incongruous sights – like a little girl from the Hmong tribe in Northern Thailand,  having her school lunch and dressed in a beautifully embroidered and patterned top with a pair of jogging bottoms and plastic sandals!!  Also a group of men from Bali at a street ceremony all wearing red T-shirts with the word PECALANG printed in white on their backs and over their traditional long ‘skirt’.  Diane explained that the word means SECURITY and they were the crowd control for a street ceremony!!

After the slideshow we then got to handle and even try on some of the fantastic collection of items that Diane had brought with her and here are some pictures.

One of the beautiful Batiks from Java

Sue – our (joint) Chairman in all the finery of the Hmong tribe –  love the T-shirt, necklace and badges, but having seen the items they put together I’m sure they would be more than pleased to do the same.

Top view of the lampshade (sorry – hat!) she is wearing.

Detail of her skirt – very finely pleated with hand stitching mainly in cross stitch.

A man’s ceremonial hat – for Court ceremony.

Karen our Programme secretary in a very grand gold embroidered jacket and holding a pair of matching slippers.  Would make a nice item for evening wear maybe.

AND FINALLY -  I just couldn’t resist this one – John our official photographer is always ‘snapping’ away when we least expect it , and I for one like to make sure it’s my best side (!!) when I am photographed so I am not always best pleased !!!!!

SO JOHN this is just for you – we just had to get our own back, so on the catwalk now is John Clark wearing  a skirt and pinny!!!!!
Finished off with a natty little hat – it really suits you and I’m sure you would fit in with the best of them in Java.  Thanks John for being a good sport.


Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Amendment for bookings – 19th June

For this workshop can you please contact either Sue or Tracey and NOT Karen – or me if you can’t get through to anyone!!  Sorry about this but Karen has changed her phone number.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Saturday 19th June Workshop

Sue, Tracey and Karen will be running a ‘Machine Embroidery for the Uncertain’ workshop and there are still a few places available.  If you would like to book please contact Karen Hurrell our Programme Secretary.

You will need to bring -
Your sewing machine which is capable of dropping the feed teeth; an extension cable; darning or any open front foot; spare needles and bobbins and your machine manual.
If you do not have a suitable machine, there will be 3 available for use.

You will also need a thin embroidery hoop (capable of fitting under the machine foot.
Cotton fabrics, machine embroidery threads, pins, scissors etc.
Paper and pencil for notes.
Your lunch.  (Tea and coffee will be provided).

The tutors will have supplies of cotton fabrics, dissolvable fabrics, material scraps and plastic wallets.  A few spare hoops, thread etc., will also be available.