Monday, 28 January 2013


Elizabeth Sharrock- Talk -
'Working with Maps & Found Text'-

Elizabeth originally trained as a textile artist but now thinks of herself more as a mixed media artist with a passion for making books.

She makes a wide variety of books, some of which are blank notebooks or sketchbooks, some are folded blank books that are intended to display photos or maybe calligraphy or small paintings.

Elizabeth's current obsession is with artists' books made from recycled Ordnance Survey maps. These allow her to explore many different folded structures. Some of them are extremely tactile and move in your hands almost as if they are alive.


This will be followed by a Workshop with Elizabeth on 23rd March.  For those interested in Book structures – contact Sue our Programme secretary.

based on the Nursery Rhyme – Hickory, Dickory, Dare (not one I have ever heard of!).

The nearest interesting and rhyming picture I could find was a HARE but I’m sure we all know what shades of brown there are!!


Sunday, 20 January 2013


Due to the snow and icy weather in January it was decided to cancel this event – now it has been reorganised for Saturday 16th February from 10a.m to 3p.m as before. 

Again we will be doing hand stitching based on ‘INCHIES’ – those little one inch squares of felt and fabric that can be decorated by hand with added beading – come and see, have a chat and pick up a programme for the Parbold Branch of the Embroiderers Guild – we meet on the second Saturday of each month at Parbold Village Hall, The Green, Parbold – doors open 2p.m. 

 Inchies 001 Card designs.

odds 019 A 1” cube box.

Friday, 18 January 2013

Show & Tell– 12th January -Sandra Kedzlie

No. 4 – Me!!!! – My Diploma Poster. 

I was studying for the Creative Studies Diploma in 1995  when I lived in Northamptonshire and attended a lecture and exhibition by Sheila Paine in the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford entitled ‘Embroideries from Islamic Journeys’.
I was fascinated by the colours and patterns in these textiles and decided to use them for the summer project for the course.
Alongside the exhibition and talk a Study Day was organised which I attended and worked the sample piece shown below-


Returning to college we had to work very large scale ‘On the Wall’ drawings, over a period of 4 weeks – each week changes being made by other students until the final piece was finished by the originator of the work – this picture shows a small part of the overall design in the fourth week.


From this we then had to choose sections to create small drawings, and as it was a while before computer design programmes were widely available, I took them to a photocopy shop to be enlarged before making stitched samples showing the development from original source to a final piece.


  Poster 2 001       

The samples were photographed by the college and eventually mine was chosen to be used for the final year poster – actually not my favourite of the 4 pieces I did but I shouldn’t complain!!!!


Thursday, 17 January 2013

Show & Tell–12th January–Kay Kellaway

No. 3 - Kay Kellaway – ‘Patricia Roberts – Designer’

Kay and her sister attended a special one week Knitting Course in France, almost 2 years ago - tutored by the Duke of Edinburgh award winning designer Patricia Roberts.

They started off by making a sample glove which Kay claimed to be the most expensive glove in the world – nothing went right, the pattern drove her mad and it was made from a variety of different yarns including cashmere, angora, lambswool and others – suffice to say she only made one glove!!! – pictured below.

image  Each finger was a different wool and the other side of the glove was worked in a variety of intricate patterns, which was what drove Kay mad!!!

They went on to scarves in a variety of patterns and wools which were very attractive; various cardigans; jumpers and much more.  Both Kay and her sister continue to use Patricia’s wools and patterns to create a variety of items for themselves and their families in glorious colours and patterns.



Patricia Roberts is known not only for her beautiful wools, but also her signature ‘bobble design’ which obviously takes a lot of concentration to achieve. Her wools can be purchased in London – she has a website.

A couple are shown below – sorry about the ‘red wall’ – it really doesn’t do anything for displays of work or members complexions!!

image        image

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Show and Tell–12th January–Anne Baldwin

No. 2 – Anne Baldwin our Joint Chairman - Her journey to Felt Making.

Anne explained that, like many of us, she started stitching at a young age under her mother’s guidance working tablecloths, tray cloths etc….
After 6 weeks into her teacher training course she was advised that she had a talent for needlework and should change from her Geography course to Needlework – the start of a varied teaching career which included teaching evening classes in dressmaking and trying her hand at Glove making (excuse the pun)!
She eventually ‘had a go’ at a variety of courses which included Ruskin Lace at Brantwood and Alston Hall where she met a long standing member of Parbold branch who introduced her to the Guild.

Eventually she decided to take up Felt making and took a City & Guilds course which she thoroughly enjoyed. She had brought along a wide variety of items, including seamless bags, purses and much more to show us – a few sample pieces from her course work shown here.

image          image

Some of her bags and other samples are shown below -

Anne's Felt Samples

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Members Show and Tell–Saturday 12th January

4 members took part in this Show and Tell – the first being Sarah – a YE member aged 14.

Sarah decided a few years ago that she would like to be a shoe designer and for the last 3 years has continued to work on a variety of ‘shoe projects’ with her Granddad’s help.

From cutting a tree log, chiselling it to shape, working with leather to shape and engrave it, she completed her first pair of Clogs when she was 11 and these were on show at our Open Day in 2010 as part of our Local Heritage display.
She has since gone on to complete a pair of sandals with painted engraved patterns on the leather upper; a pair of suede moccasins with gathered fronts and goldwork embroidery decoration, and a pair of ‘Aladdin’ slippers in gold fabric all shown below.


She is currently working on another pair of suede moccasins which includes a collection of hand embroidered Butterflies attached to the surface and it has so far taken her 60 hours. She is entering them for the Young Embroiderers’ De Denne competition this year and they have to be sent off in the next 3 weeks – so no photographs of these I’m afraid – we will just have to see if she achieves another win this year.
She was wearing a beautiful pair of black leather lace-up ankle boots with butterfly decoration – one of which is shown in the photograph below –


She wants to continue with her ambition and to achieve this she will be taking a Textiles GCSE and has already contacted several colleges who run Shoe Design Courses. We wish her well.

Numbers 2.3. and 4 will follow later

Wednesday, 9 January 2013


Baa Baa BLACK sheep…………….

LEYLAND LIBRARY–Demonstration and Hands-on session–19th January 2013

Our third of these events at local Libraries from 10a.m to 3p.m. 
4 members will again be demonstrating and working with members of the public to encourage them to take up embroidery.

The first 2 sessions at Tarleton and Eccleston Libraries have been very successful, drawing good groups of ladies who have joined in and stitched with us on the day, and some have now joined the Branch, so we hope to have the same success in Leyland.
If you know anyone in that area or indeed live there yourself do please encourage people to come along to ‘have a go’.

Prior to the actual day we will have a display in the Library of some of our members’ work alongside Stitch and Craft books from the Library.

We look forward to seeing you there.